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Matthew Taylor says...
"Not only was his lecture and the subsequent discussion fascinating but for weeks afterwards I heard people here and elsewhere referring to his insights and examples. My sense is also that Robert’s work is being taken very seriously in government so I hope that his research will come in time to be more fully reflected in public policy."
Matthew Taylor
The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts
Tom Peters says...
"Robert Cialdini is the most brilliant student of influence and negotiation I’ve encountered. If everything were on the line in a negotiation, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have advising me."

Tom Peters
The Tom Peters Group
A.M. McIntosh says...
"The message given in your presentation is just what our people needed to confirm that the psychology of influence can be learned. . . . If these messages are applied, then our objective of creating a more successful business will have been met."
A.M. McIntosh
Pratap Nambiar says...
"Robert Cialdini, through his intensive research, has clearly shown that it is possible to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of persuasion to bring about amazingly positive results."

Pratap Nambiar 
Darren Hunt says...
“I will be much more balanced with my influential approach now that I have participated in this course.”


Darren Hunt
Department Manager Discover Financial
Don Hays says...
“I read the book and looked forward to the class putting the principles into action. From the pre-work to the group activities the class moves at a fast pace that keeps you engaged as well as informed using the principles of influence. Leaving the class with an action plan that incorporates what I learned! Highly recommend!”
Don Hays
Regional Manager MWI Animal Health
Owen Fitzpatrick says...
“The Principles of Persuasion Workshop is a first class opportunity to learn some of the most important skills you can learn in business. It sets itself apart with a basis in science and its emphasis on rigorously applying the principles on your own specific influence challenges. Dr. Neidert is an expert in his field and professionally and skillfully facilitates the workshop. Highly recommend.”

Owen Fitzpatrick
Greg Stielstra says...
“As a student of behavioral economics and a fan of Dr. Cialdini’s books, I came to the Principles of Persuasion Workshop® with high expectations. My actual experience exceeded them. I discovered what had been missing from traditional approaches to marketing and engagement—the psychological forces driving people’s ACTUAL behavior. Thanks for two great days, six solid principles and one ethical approach to using them.”
Greg Stielstra
Strategist Healthways, Inc.
Greg Eichhorn says...
“I must admit, I was skeptical at first, but I really began to understand how to use the principles on Day 2. After the session using the principles on our own influence situation, I was a believer and an influencer.”
Greg Eichhorn
Associate Vice President Quinnipiac University
John Bielinski says...
“Empowering program to initiate change and progress. Highly recommend to business owners.”

John Bielinski
Owner CME 4 Life, LLC
Rafa Prado says...
“This method is a proven and effective tool to improve sales, marketing, leadership and relationship results!!! It is a must for every entrepreneur in the world!”
Rafa Prado
CEO Brand Called You
Tim Eisenhauer says...
“Packed with valuable information you can apply and use to persuade and influence ethically. Meeting like-minded people has been very valuable!”
Tim Eisenhauer
President Axero
Charles Sacks says...
“This workshop opened my eyes beyond simply reading INFLUENCE.”

Charles Sacks
Sales Manager The Fixture Zone
Aeby Thomas says...
“Apply powerful these powerful principles in business as in life so that you never feel helpless again!”
Aeby Thomas
Director Capital Projects AJ Vaccines
Jesper Bergstrom says...
“The Principles of Persuasion has made me much more optimistic about my business and has already given me tools I used with a huge effect with a client in an email. Everybody needs a piece of Drs. Cialdini and Neidert! ”
Jesper Bergstrom
Body Language Expert -Jesperbergstrom.com
Jane Debbage says...
“I was amazed with how international and diverse the attendees were. It provided a variety of different perspectives and different situations. The two days of training were invaluable and flew by!”

Jane Debbage
Associate Brand Manager  Thermaco
Roxanne Brown says...
“I would highly recommend this course to anyone that wants to serve their clients well, becoming a trusted adviser and assisting them with making better decisions. Excellent experience.”
Roxanne Brown
Owner  The Change Decision, LLC
Lori Obst says...
“I enjoyed the last two days. The principles are introduced in a way that is simple to understand. I especially enjoyed the fact we were given time to apply the principles in our own groups. Thank you!”
Lori Obst
Department Manager  Discover Financial
Ramon Diaz says...
“I don’t see how any business can survive without this training.”

Ramon Diaz
Rodolfo Araujo says...
“The framework provided by the Principles of Persuasion Workshop® really helps you find other perspectives to the problem at hand.”
Rodolfo Araujo
Aaron Hammons says...
“The POP Workshop® has fundamentally changed the way I view human behavior. This deeper understanding will guide my business in how we treat people, which as you know is the only way businesses succeed and endure.”
Aaron Hammons
Akesis, Inc
Will Brooks says...
“I would highly recommend this program to anyone seeking to improve their skills in ethical influence. So that means EVERYONE!”

Will Brooks
The Brooks Group
Nick Toadvine says...
“The workshop has already made an impact in my business.”

Nick Toadvine
Ingram Financial Group
Denise Starrett says...
“While there are many choices in training programs, this program by far exceeded all my expectations.”
Denise Starrett
FKP Architects
Rick Harris says...
“Fast-paced interactive presentation!”

Rick Harris
FKP Architects
Helmut Kirchner says...
“At 58 it is difficult to be surprised but the content of this course made me ‘wow’.”
Helmut Kirchner
Patrick Veroneau says...
“It is refreshing to be able to learn how to be an ethical influencer in an era of so much distrust.”
Patrick Veroneau
Achieving Your Apex, LLC
Jeb Brooks says...
“I recommend this program to everyone. The material and workshop are so powerful! However, I would be a fool to tell a competitor to attend!”
Jeb Brooks
The Brooks Group
Stefan Vadocz says...
“The way the material is delivered and presented is unique. This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended.”
Stefan Vadocz
Diane Osan says...
“I walked out armed with the knowledge and skill to expand my effectiveness exponentially.”
Diane Osan
FKP Architects
Jennifer Spiegel says...
“Love the hands-on approach!”
Jennifer Spiegel
Chickasaw Nation Nutrition Services
Lori Schwab says...
“Great workshop – Very Practical.”
Lori Schwab
BP America
Cooke Consulting Group, LLC says...
“Wow! What a powerful tool for successful partnerships. I should have come years ago!”

Cooke Consulting Group, LLC
Thermo Fisher Scientific says...
“I participate in various workshops and am asked to read business or sales related books often. I found POP® to be by far the most useful as it clearly gives me useful tools that I can easily apply to quickly see real benefits.”
Thermo Fisher Scientific
North Suffolk Mental Health says...
“I read Influence before coming, but the workshop really brought the material to life!”

North Suffolk Mental Health
Constant Contact says...
“You will be able to use these skills immediately! You will understand how to get better results in communicating with colleagues and clients you would have never imagined.”
Constant Contact
Thermo Fisher Scientific says...
“Excellent experience! A must for anyone involved in direct sales or sales management.”
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Human Solutions Canada says...
“The 6 principles will become a part of how I view my world in the future.”
Human Solutions Canada
Cigna says...
“My experience in this workshop was great!”

Celestia International says...
“This was an excellent workshop with practical exercises and worthwhile information that I can use in both my professional and personal life. Great stuff!”
Celestia International
Leadline says...
“The seminar exceeded my expectations! I not only learned the principles but how to apply them to my business to make an immediate impact. I would enthusiastically recommend this seminar to anyone that wants to get to ‘yes’ (ethically, of course!)”
University of Oregon Foundation says...
“This workshop was a terrific use of my time. I will take so much back with me to use for myself and to better my organization. I have a new understanding of my own influence and no longer consider myself ‘low on the totem pole.’ Thank you!”
University of Oregon Foundation
Enterprise Rent A Car says...
“This was a very insightful experience. The principles are powerful ways to understand influence. By applying these principles to our different situations, the results can be very impactful.”
Enterprise Rent A Car
Teva Neuroscience says...
“This was an excellent program. Most training classes struggle to keep the participant engaged, but Dr. Neidert kept us energized and looking forward to learning. Thank you.”
Teva Neuroscience
Persuasive Edge says...
“Persuasion is a huge important subject. The more I learn, the more I find there is to learn. This program has inspired me to continue to study persuasion and be significantly more deliberate about the use of the principles.”
Persuasive Edge
Bleitner Consulting Services says...
“The session surpassed my expectations! Lots of great data to solidify concepts, engaging facilitator, and easy to follow concepts…what more could you ask for!?! Many thanks to the whole IAW team.”

Bleitner Consulting Services
Bristol-Myers Squibb says...
“The Principles of Persuasion Workshop® is an immediate return on investment. The information presented is grounded in a sound body of evidence and can be seamlessly integrated into sales and marketing strategies. In today’s competitive environment, anyone who has not mastered these principles will find themselves at a significant disadvantage.”
Bristol-Myers Squibb
DeVry University says...
“The workshop gives the attendee a systematic framework to understand and apply the persuasion principles. Research hot off the press was presented as well as years of peer-reviewed social psychological scientific studies.”

DeVry University
Rich Dads Seminars says...
“What a great two days. Having read Dr. Cialdini’s book a few years earlier I thought I was using the principles well. Participating in the workshop showed me subtle (yet very powerful) ways to put the principles into action in different ways to create amazing results in our marketing. We’ve already seen an increase in results and we’re enjoying implementing our Action Plan. The instruction was informative, but the interaction and input from other business people attending made the experience even richer.”
Rich Dads Seminars
Motorola says...
“This POP Workshop® is a valuable investment in time, money and effort. It will certainly achieve successful financial, personal, and business goals. It’s a very powerful and sensible approach to achieving future superior results.”

Pfizer says...
“Excellent presentation; involvement of all delegates; fast running pace; particularly linking to the persuasion principles.”

Adelante Consulting says...
“The information shared in this workshop is valuable for effective workplace interaction and relationships. It can enhance one’s sensibility about the power of influence!”
Adelante Consulting
Holt Caterpillar says...
“I came to a stark realization in one of your classes a few weeks ago. I realized that no matter how long we may have been doing the jobs we have and how old or young we may be, we can still learn and refresh our approaches on how we relate to our customers… The thing that struck me the most was the number of opportunities we have to influence others. Without your class, I would have never known that I personally have squandered many chances to influence people to my advantage.”
Holt Caterpillar
John Hall & Associates Real Estate says...
“This workshop was beyond my expectations. These 6 principles have opened my eyes on how to be effective and ethical! Looking forward to putting these 6 influences into practice. Thanks again.”

John Hall & Associates Real Estate
Phillips Semiconductor says...
“I appreciated getting this hands-on practice to bring these applications to use.”

Phillips Semiconductor
ROI Dynamics says...
“Non-arguable influence principles even for the most experienced manager. If you lead organizations, not knowing this material it will cost you.”
ROI Dynamics
AstraZeneca says...
“I was recommended to take this course by a friend and I would do the same. I feel that everyone would benefit from this course.”

CIGNA Corp says...
‘This class provides a new way of thinking when approaching new or difficult situations – with great supporting tools & resources. Training team was great – info not too difficult – and many diverse new acquaintances.”
D&L Technologies says...
“I learned quite a bit in this seminar. In fact, while on break the second day I employed some of the principles and closed a great deal on my cell phone! The techniques are easy to understand and use, I wish I would have learned this a long time ago. An outstanding tool! These principles make selling ‘predictable’.”

D&L Technologies
Caterpillar University says...
“The class was excellent. The students were totally engaged and the materials offered substantiated their learning. What I also found was current, scientific insights into what causes people to change. The six fundamental Principles of Persuasion are learned and reinforced with an exercise that brings everything together. I am using INFLUENCE AT WORK every day and believe this is one of the most critical skills for a successful dealer/sales person. The real meat behind Principles of Persuasion is that if done correctly it is a high ethical way of doing business or conducting yourself in every aspect of life. I highly recommend this class to anyone in a leadership position or a customer contact position.”
Caterpillar University
San Antonio Spurs says...
“Our management team has realized the power of the principles of influence with fans, the media, our staff, and even operations with the players. For example, I personally use reciprocity and consistent commitments by thanking others for work they’ve recently completed and by asking them questions about how they think we should tackle issues. Compared to my prior tendency to ‘cut to the chase,’ I’ve found people are significantly more responsive and agreeable. Small changes do make big differences…and since your work with us, I think through situations to make sure I use this science to set the right tone for an agreement.”
San Antonio Spurs
Little Gym International says...
“The principles are very easy to use and they occur in everyday work. The science proves that if we employ them, we will be more influential. The information we received in the POP® will help us to construct better strategies with our owners and assist us with aiding them in driving their businesses.”

Little Gym International
CIGNA Healthcare says...
“Our people have had a lot of different training classes, but this one is different. The six principles of influence appear to be simple, but the more we learned, the more we realized that this course is really a tight little system that allows us to think in different ways. This Principles of Persuasion course was excellent for our Senior Managers, customer service directors and sales people. We saw a measurable difference right away. The only problem is now the word has spread and everyone wants it.”
CIGNA Healthcare
Corner Stone Consultants says...
“Because Dr. Cialdini’s book is written from the perspective of the receiver, after attending the workshop, which is done from the perspective of the persuader, you will see much more possibilities of combining different principles together to obtain maximum effect of persuasion.”

Corner Stone Consultants
BMC Instrument Service, Inc says...
“Having pre-read the book and used the principles, I wanted to take it to the next level. The education given in this two-day workshop is invaluable to anyone who seeks it.”
BMC Instrument Service, Inc
Gazelles Systems says...
“I enjoyed this workshop. This will help me be more effective and aware in my communications.”

Gazelles Systems
11 North Productions says...
“A truly fabulous experience and one to be shared.”

11 North Productions
Best Homes GMAC Real Estate says...
“Success in business, relationships, and life comes down to the effective communication you engage. The six principles of persuasion definitely provide a proven structure to improve and deliver clear communication that will positively influence a winning outcome. Thank you to the INFLUENCE AT WORK team for moving communication to the next level.”
Best Homes GMAC Real Estate
Best Western International says...
“The skills I learned during the workshop will certainly help me be more effective in my job and more valuable to my company. I really enjoyed the presentation style and the use of group collaboration to better understand the principles.”
Best Western International
Americsure Insurance Company says...
“The workshop provides an ethical methodology to influence others that will help in problem resolution and finding the best way to solve an issue.”

Americsure Insurance Company
Wells Fargo Private Client Services says...
“As a learning & development professional, I was extremely impressed with the design of the POP® session. The lecture based on recent research and memorable stories, as well as the practical application in small groups kept the entire class engaged both days. I appreciated the constant focus on developing an action plan and the ability to vet this plan with other participants and the facilitators on Day 2. I have implemented both of the action plans I came up with in the session – so far so good! As a result of attending the session, I have experienced the success that results from taking time to plan influencing strategies and the power of leveraging the influence principles.”
Wells Fargo Private Client Services
Capital One Services, Inc. says...
“I had done extensive research on this cause prior to making the decision to attend. The course exceeded my expectations. I believe a workshop is valuable when I can walk away with one new skill to apply immediately. I have six new skills that I can apply to 4 critical situations of influence. In addition, I will be able to recommend bringing this gift to my department in the form of a customized class. With the courses content & research and opportunity to practice; I believe it to be a lethal combination. The icing on the cake is the fact that the course insists upon the ETHICAL use of influencing. Great Work.”

Capital One Services, Inc.
High Velocity, Inc. says...
“This ‘Power of Persuasion’ program has been the single most valuable and powerful decision shaping tool I have encountered in my recent career. The simplicity yet depth of this pithy science has enabled me to create massive upside leverage in every situation whether it is driving more sales revenue or marketing for my clients. I intend to make the principles learned an integrated part of my influence arsenal and use it with integrity as a force for good.”
High Velocity, Inc.
Advanced Mediation Services says...
“One of the most valuable new pieces of information in the field of mediation work, more than anything else that I have seen in the marketplace. These principles are backed up by science and taught in ways that have practical application to everyday usage in the mediation process. These principles will result in better, more effective outcome with more satisfied clients. What a win-win discovery.”

Advanced Mediation Services
Agriliance/Croplan Genetics says...
“I just completed another Principles of Persuasion Workshop® for Agriliance and Croplan Genetics. The group ranged from the Vice President of Agriliance to the Retail Sales Managers who serve the Heartland Region. The response was predictably outstanding. From our perspective, the Principles of Persuasion approach makes us far better influencers whether we are marketing our equipment programs to our dealer network or coaching field agronomists on how to be better sales people.”
Agriliance/Croplan Genetics
Land o’Lakes, Inc. says...
“I was very impressed with the information that was presented. The data used to back up the training added to the validity of the program. It is something that everyone could relate to. We are using the lessons learned from the training to develop our marketing approach and tactics to grow our business. I really enjoyed it.”

Land o’Lakes, Inc.
Intelesure says...
“I came away with several specific solutions to specific challenges in my organization. Great value in terms of dollar amount and time spent.” 

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